About Conor Coughlin

Conor Coughlin’s career in the politics began in the mid-1990s with the Reform Party of Washington State, when as the Chairman of the Snohomish County Chapter of the Reform Party discovered the local nonprofit public utility district had secretly began creating for-profit business lines related to the massive fiber-optic systems being installed by the utility and the Bonneville Power Administration. He then led Reform Party opposition to Ascent 21, a $600+ million series of bond proposals presented by the political elite utilizing an “emergency clause” feature to rush the ballot initiatives on to the ballot..
Where as the Reform Party was quickly driven from the political scene by the establishment within the two major political parties and their media spokespeople after the 2000 presidential elections, the campaigns to disclose the corruption at the highest level of government had just begun. Unknown at the time, Market Transformation a federal policy to deregulate electrical markets was about to engage in the largest financial manipulation in history from the creation and expansion of the Energy Star program, and through the use of government energy efficiency programs as a tool to undermine America’s economic future.

Market transformation paved the way for “Pay to Play”, the political format of the Progressive movement’s transition to the clean economy as envisioned by the UN’s Green Industry Platform that was designed as a direct competitor to America’s free enterprise system. Founded on the flawed science provided by radical environmental organizations, and funded by the world’s largest nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) and shadowy nonprofits controlled by the Billionaires Club that became the prime beneficiaries of virtually all government green programs.

Untold billions of public dollars were funneled into phony energy efficiency technology research programs available only to the world’s largest corporations willing to partner with the EPA’s international efforts, which in turn bestowed extraordinary benefits on millionaires and billionaires claiming to be fervent environmentalist.  Utilizing “Sue and Settle” type lawsuits, the Progressive movement flourished by first creating environmental policies that were impossible to enforce, then suing the government for massive financial payouts that establish them as a new authority representing the downtrodden lawyers of the Billionaires Club.

With the collapse of the global warming hysteria movement, and the exposure of the profound corruption of the scientific process by the EPA, Energy Star and the Save Energy Now programs will open up extraordinary opportunities for our society. Hundreds of thousands of high-paying, sustainable jobs will become available as reform movements built acrossed every aspect of our political landscape as society transitions back to open and accountable government