Crashing the Star – Raising the Bar!

EPA: Lead by Example;
“ENERGYSTAR-qualified products typically use 25% to 50% less energy than conventional products and, in some cases, can offer energy cost savings of up to 90% compared to conventional products (U.S. EPA, 2007c; 2008)”.

What is the secret technology in Energy Star certified products that makes 25-50% energy savings possible for government energy efficiency experts? Answer. Who cares!
Ending the Energy Star program would be an excellent first step in breaking the government funded energy efficiency oligarchy that is undermining our America’s economic vitality. Since its inception, this federal program has been focused primarily on expanding the size and scope of government funded non-profit environmental organizations marketing multi-billion dollar paydays, but only open to the members of the Billionaires Club.
A 2014 Senate Minority report “The Chain of Environmental Command: How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA” provided the first public airing of the most widely known secret in America. Media coverage of this report was non-existent, just like the news that hundreds of other “peer reviewed” scientific papers have been withdrawn by the world’s most respected organizations for being computer generated or just plain gibberish.
The EPA’s Energy Star program is arguably the most fraud based government agency in US history, and has become synonymous with EPA corruption. But since it’s also the primary funding source for the corporate environmentalist, any questioning of falsified science is considered heresy and unworthy of consideration by the mainstream media.
Energy Star quietly became the most profitable product line in the history with a simple change in terminology of its mission statement. Originally touted as a voluntary program to identify the most energy efficient products for consumers, it’s effectively become a PONZI scheme operated by bureaucrats with a vested interest in expanding the power and scope of the EPA. Energy Star is a wealth creation enterprise available by invitation only, which explains why progressives and their lawyers love the program.
In 2009, with the release of “EPA: Lead by Example” Guide, government energy efficiency became one of the largest unknown and unregulated financial markets in the world. This document, like most policy papers was funded by government non-profit groups like the Poised for Profits Partnership, and were crafted for the sole benefit of the members of other secretive organizations like the Prosperity Partnership in Seattle.
The Poised for Profits Partnership is a non-profit group, composed of 12 government agencies that spent hundreds of millions researching energy efficiency, alternative generation resources, ethanol and smart grid programs for the EPA and DOE. Those so-called research programs provided the background for a new federal program Save Energy Now, which like its UN counterpart the Green Industry Platform was designed to undermine our industrial based through the implementation of thousands of regulations.
Climate Solutions and Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance are the non-profit organizations selected by NW leaders to operate these widely celebrated internationally acclaimed programs, that later became the national model for many other non-profits.
Climate Solutions, is the radical environmental group that ran the Harvesting Clean Energy program for the government, and produced the “Poised for Profits” reports that claims markets worth $100’s of billions are available for early adapter of energy efficiency. Climate Solutions, acted as the front group for the Prosperity Partnership of Seattle, offering Energy Star, Green Buildings and Smart Grid opportunities as a wealth creation tools for memberships of the Billionaires Club.
Climate Solutions began as a franchisee of the notorious Earth Island Institute, an incubator for some of the most radical environmental groups in America. In addition to marketing multi-billion dollar opportunities to the uber rich, they also coordinated disruption of coal deliveries via rail & ports, sought to ban fracking, and direct action campaigns against the Keystone XL pipeline.
Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance provided the testing for Energy Star products in conjunction with Washington State University. NEEA also conducted the Industrial Energy Efficiency Alliance, a multi-year research effort to seek out new energy efficiency technologies ready for commercialization, and assist with overcoming barriers to expedite their arrival into the market. No new energy efficiency products or technologies were ever produced through these massive, well-funded programs, but at least one new federal bureaucracy is now claiming credit for billions of dollars in savings from their efforts.
The Advance Manufacturing Office is marketing the $100,000,000,000 boondoggle known as Save Energy Now, a new federal bureaucracy based almost completely on the non-existent science found in NEEA’s Industrial study. This Industrial study supplied the bogus resumes for the 24 universities claiming to have saved billions over the course of decades. Just don’t ask to see the technical evidence supporting their energy saving claims, or question the legislative authority that allows universities to reap these extraordinary profits from electrical contracting activities controlled by the National Electrical Code.
To understand how effective these programs were, consider the legal case “ Industrial Customers of the NW Utilities v Bonneville Power Administration” in which the industrial customers complain about rising electrical rates associated with those energy efficiency programs in which they were the sole beneficiaries of government freebies. Apparently some industrial customers got upset when BPA handed over hundreds of millions of dollars to their pals, so when BPA claimed it wasn’t worth the effort to reclaim the money from their friends, this made the smaller customers sad.
The moral of this story is simple. $100 billion buys a lot of energy efficiency. Who really cares if goes toward reducing electric bills, or into the pockets of highly paid lawyers. As long as all the money flows through the hands of those stewards of the environment that truly believe in cost-effective government energy efficiency, what difference does it make?