The Energy Star brand originally began as a voluntary program to identify products that were considered to be within the top 25% of their class for energy efficiency. In 2009, the EPA Lead by Example set the guidelines for all governmental agencies to determine energy savings worth billions of dollars.

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Corrupt EPA official John Beale was sent to prison for fraud! He was responsible for flawed science behind the Clean Air Act and can be considered the father of EPA’s “Sue & Settle” strategy.

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Prosperity Partnership – Four Puget Sound counties created Regional Economic Policy for Washington, Oregon and British Columbia to profit from imaginary energy efficiency markets worth billions of dollars.

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In Summary: 

The EPA is perhaps the most fraud-based governmental agency in American history, starting with Clinton Administration data-mining operations conducted under the Superfund program, which allowed politicians to profit from the Gentrification programs conducted by “Brownfields” projects, while blaming greedy Republicans for the blight in minority communities.

Social Justice became the tool of choice for progressive politicians and their “Fact Free” media partners to create the “alternative” voices that represent both sides of every issues. Media assigned the moral authority for leadership of these newly formed Proxy Armies and could choose their hand-selected favorites to speak on behalf of all minorities regardless of the issue.

With the implementation of Market Transformation, political leaders soon began to frame each and every environmental issue into a Social Justice battle of good versus evil. Of course, the mainstream media portrayed their wealthy employers as the good guys and everyone else as bad for questioning smart policies that always seemed to line the same pockets.

Large Federal agencies like the EPA, DOE and BPA quietly partnered with radical environmental organizations like Sierra Club and Natural Resource Defense Council in pushing unenforceable regulations that could be adjudicated via “Sue & Settle” type lawsuits that benefited the criminal elite.

EPA and DOE could hire other Federal agencies like BPA to conduct scientific research, knowing full well the results of the research in advance, because EPA/DOE organizations were already in place to deliver the “Pork” to the Billionaires Club members.

Regardless of facts, highly paid consultants could always be relied on to provide the right answers or verify the accuracy of other reports to justify additional spending on massive research programs.

In 2003, Stratus Consulting/Summit Blue produced a “Retrospective Assessment of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance” to evaluate the Market Transformation accomplishments of the NEEA from its inception in 1997 to 2002. The evaluation found that NEEA had often overstated energy savings during testing for Energy Star, but determined that NEEA was operating in an unbiased manner and fulfilling its mission regarding Market Transformation.

That “Retrospective Assessment” occurred as NEEA began a multi-year Industrial Energy Efficiency Alliance that later served as the foundation for the Save Energy Now program.  Stratus Consulting appears to have used the flawed energy savings claims originally claimed by NEEA in the EPA: Leading by Example Guide that claimed impossibly high energy savings from the use of Energy Star products and Leadership and Energy Efficiency Design’s (LEED) construction.

In 2010, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) conducted a sting operation on the Energy Star program to test for vulnerability to fraud by the Energy Star program. They sent 20 products to be tested by Energy Star, including a gas-powered alarm clock the size of a small generator, which passed without problems.

This GAO sting operation occurred after Stratus Consulting produced EPA Lead by Example for use by all governmental agencies, making the claim for energy savings of 25-50% from Energy Star products—a claim so delusional that anyone else making such a claim would most likely be convicted and prosecuted for fraud and conspiracy.

Energy Star and Stratus Consulting have become synonymous with government corruption and phony science, to the point that none of their scientific studies or reports should be trusted by anyone.

Points of Interest

Do Energy Star products actually save 25-50% more energy than similar products? Having spent millions of dollars marketing Energy Star’s extraordinary energy savings, could EPA produce a single example of any product to support this claim? Or do these savings exist only in the minds of radical environmentalist and their lawyers?

NEEA is a BPA non-profit organization created as part of the federal Market Transformation policy that conducted testing for Energy Star products and the massive multiyear Industrial Energy Efficiency Alliance that provided the historical claims of the Save Energy Now program.


Climate Solutions is the radical environmental organization selected by BPA, Washington State and Oregon to conduct some of largest research programs in history. Poised for Profits reports 1&2 were used by the Poised for Profits Partnership and the Prosperity Partnership to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to NW utility customers that later sued BPA for driving up electric rates.

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  • Save Energy Now

Save Energy Now is a $100,000,000,000 boondoggle built on the research conducted by the Industrial Energy Efficiency Alliance that has 24 universities conducting free audits for customers willing to partner with the EPA

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Chevron was targeted for a multi-billion dollar shakedown scheme by crooked lawyer and consultants that used bribes, fraud and death threats against a judge to manipulate media support for this world-class con job.

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