The members of the Poised for Profits Partnership are governmental agencies that conducted some of the largest and most expensive internationally renowned research programs in history. The results of those programs produced the “Poised for Profits” reports and the Save Energy Now bureaucracy, and are routinely used by the radical environmental organizations like the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to advocate for stricter regulations for America’s industrial sector.

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars went into research programs designed specifically to promote the introduction of new energy efficiency technologies and renewable generation resources. That money went directly to the members of another government-funded non-profit for the political elite members of the Prosperity Partnership.

*Bonneville Power Administration

*Leading Edge British Columbia

*Northwest Energy Technology Collaboration

* Oregon Institute for Technology

*Oregon Office of Energy

*Portland Business Alliance

*Portland Development Commission

*Portland General Electric

*Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

*Portland Office of Sustainable Development

*Seattle Office of Economic Development

*Washington Office of Trade and Economic Development

The Obama Administration and the mainstream media have effectively shielded the public from scrutinizing these programs that are projected to create markets worth hundreds of billions of dollars. If you want to understand how effective government energy efficiency research programs were at reducing energy costs, read the following:

Industrial-Efficiency-Alliance #1

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