About Conor – Why Me?

Conor Coughlin’s career in the politics began in the mid-1990s with the Reform Party of Washington State, when as the Chairman of the Snohomish County Chapter of the Reform Party discovered the local nonprofit public utility district had secretly began creating for-profit business lines related to the massive fiber-optic systems being installed by the utility and the Bonneville Power Administration. He then led Reform Party opposition to Ascent 21, a $600+ million series of bond proposals presented by the political elite utilizing an “emergency clause” feature to rush the ballot initiatives on to the ballot…

Political Consulting

Winning political or government campaigns require more than just a sharp message. It also requires a targeted plan and strategy, along with a connected authority who understands that no campaign has ever been won by accident.

Policy Paper

Research is key when policy is concerned. Creating policy papers that summarize and dissect public policy on current issues involving environmental concerns, the energy sector, and public lands can be priceless to your campaign.

Public Speaking

Schedule your next seminar with ConorConsulting and get a performance tailored to fit your audience. How your presentation is delivered greatly affects the outcome of how people view you and your policies. Doors can be opened or closed depending on the quality you display to your audience.

Issues Advocacy/Lobbying

Need help bringing to light important issues?
As lobbyists, it is our job to represent your interests and educate lawmakers, as well as their staff, about the effect proposed legislation or regulation will have on their voters.

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